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Somerville’s New Promised Land of Beer

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How’s your beer life going?

Wait, don’t answer that yet...

First, get thee to American Fresh Brewhouse Boynton Yards, a new beer factory/bar situation from the Slumbrew crew where neither hops nor charcuterie will ever be in short supply, now open in Somerville. (Slideshow time.)

This is from Somerville Brewing Company. You know them for Slumbrew. Anyway, this is their new brewery capable of pumping out 2,500 barrels a day. More importantly, it’s capable of giving you beer while you’re inside of it.

So step in. “Oooh” at the 21-foot-high ceiling. “Aaah” at the giant brewery tanks. Then set yourself down at the concrete bar with 10 tap lines and enough beer flights to let you continue to be someone who orders beer flights.

At some point, your unquenchable thirst for hops may give way to a desire for food. Don’t let this trouble you. Instead, allow boards stacked with smoked maple cheddar and sweet soppressata to appear before you (much like this menu). A porter-braised-pork sandwich might even get in there.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Can I leave this place with 64 ounces of blood orange hefeweizen on my person?” Yes. Yes you can. Because they fill growlers.

That, and it’s a free country.

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