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A Bar Full of Foie Gras Hot Dogs and Gold

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All things that are decidedly better when golden.

Connecting the dots of that last one is Menton Gold Bar, a very new, very gold-forward bar and lounge inside Barbara Lynch’s tasting-menu institution in Fort Point. It’s open now.

Mark the information below as “Important.”

It’s Menton’s first proper bar.
Sure, they had a service-only bar behind a wall. But until now, nowhere you could just sit and have a gin martini like you would at... well, a bar.

This used to be their waiting area.
Before: a host stand and a couple couches. Now: an L-shaped bar and five tables made of Italian marble. Oh, and gold paint covers nearly every other surface, from lights to chairs to a giant banquette (here’s your slideshow).

Chartreuse Milk Punch: present.
As are Don’s Mix Fizzes with rum, cinnamon, egg white and seltzer. Other drinks, too. Bar.

There’s a separate bar menu.
Where foie gras frankfurters and quail-egg-topped jamón sandwiches roam free (and now your menu). Though, you could also order anything from Menton’s regular dinner menu or go full tasting menu if you’re feeling it.

The gin should help you feel it.

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