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Southie, Meet All of the Beer and Whiskey

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“Hey Southie, what do you look for in a new bar and restaurant?”

“Oh, you know. A hundred whiskeys. A mural depicting a horse race.”

“Anything else?”

“Deep-dish pizza, I guess.”

That was a fake conversation about Worden Hall, a veritable library of brown spirits and beers with a soft spot for horse racing, opening Thursday in South Boston. Here’s your slideshow and your menu.

Now, your specifics:

It comes from the powers behind Five Horses Tavern.
Which means you can expect lots of brown liquor (100 bottles) and lots of hopped beverages (40 on tap, 58 by the bottle). Other things, too.

It’s named for a 19th-century hotel in Saratoga Springs.
Now that enormous mural of an old-timey horse race makes sense.

You have many places in which to drink drinks.
Wooden benches. An enormous horseshoe-shaped banquette. A 45-foot-long bar.

There’s $127.20 just lying on the bar.
In penny form, which translates to 12,720 tiny Abraham Lincoln faces. Thank him for saving the Union as you work over a Pretty Copper Penny with gin, amaro and grapefruit juice.

Your pizza will be deep-dish.
And may be of the margherita or soppressata, garlic sausage and mozzarella variety.

Take a day off, thin-crust.

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