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The 13 Burgers You Meet in Heaven

You respect casual relationships.

We speak, of course, of the one between a juicy burger and an ice-cold beer—a coupling that's managed to keep the magic alive after all these years. So we're pleased to introduce DMK Burger Bar, your new favorite place for low-commitment, high-satisfaction encounters.

Chef Michael Kornick (the MK) and David Morton (whose family is behind Morton's The Steakhouse, so he knows from meat) have created a haven where you can retreat into the comforts of artisanal beef, craft beer and the occasional chocolate cookie-coffee ice cream sandwich.

With the genteel-but-rustic remnants of an old Wisconsin barn adorning the walls, it's the kind of space where you and a date can lean against padded banquettes, share a basket of Parmesan and truffle fries, and sip Madame Geneva's Rhubarb Delight (gin, lime soda, ginger rhubarb jam). But more likely, you'll be leading a pack of ravenous beasts to a communal table to let loose on 30 artisanal beers (including 22-ounce malt monsters like Robert the Bruce Scotch Ale from Three Floyds) and 13 kinds of burgers (beef, lamb, turkey and something called "veggie").

Now, these aren't super-crazy heart-clogging huge; they're more like $8 meat masterpieces topped with things like chili-rubbed onions, smoked bacon, New Mexican Hatch chiles, hand-crafted cheddar and other delights. Still, if you're inclined to add an extra patty to your burger, go ahead.

Consider it temporary insanity.


DMK Burger Bar
2954 N. Sheffield Ave
(at Wellington)
Chicago, IL, 60657

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