Give Me Some Sugar

Helping You Meet Your Sexier Neighbors

UD - NeighborGoods Every now and then, you get the feeling something's missing.

A certain sense of purpose, or maybe a special connection.

Or maybe just some sugar.

And while we'd love to help you with those first two, you big ball of existential angst you, we can only help with the last one.

Meet NeighborGoods, your new online trading post for loaning and borrowing whatever you want, in private alpha now.

Let's say you've got a weekend project planned—building some bookshelves, painting your apartment, finishing that bourbon cabinet (by first finishing off the bourbon). Despite your extensive preparation, you just might forget something minor, but needed. (Like paint.) List what you need (or peruse what's on offer), and then filter the results by how far you're willing to travel to get it. (We wouldn't walk more than a mile for a cup of sugar, but we suppose it depends on who's doing the loaning.)

And if you've got an entrepreneurial itch that needs scratching, you can also list items to sell or rent—and let's face it, you weren't putting that Snuggie to much use these days anyway. Or feel free to loan out whatever you got laying around—the site even records how much money you've saved your fellow borrowers.

Borrowers of the world, unite.

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