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How to Not Go Old Marlon Brando on Us

UD - Fitbit We've seen the future, and you're fat.

It's not totally your fault, it's our calendar's—the way we pack Halloween, Thanksgiving and the rest together in some sort of three-month gauntlet of flab.

But good news: we've found something that can help you stave off the jiggles.

Meet Fitbit, the pocket-size fitness monitor of the future, now available in the present.

Think of it as a Nintendo Wii for your pocket. Using the same motion sensor you'd find in a Wiimote, it records your every move, tracking every step you take, every move you make and every bond your break. (Kind of like Sting, but without the puffy shirts.) And if you happen to wander near your computer—where the dock station lives—boom, it uploads all your stats to your PC.

Once online, you'll see how many calories you've burned and even how well you're sleeping at night. You'll want to start adding some basic details (number of martinis consumed last night, number of bourbons consumed this a.m.) and pick a reasonable goal—like losing five pounds in the next month, or burning 300 more calories per day.

Unfortunately, Fitbit cannot high-five you yet.

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