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Lighting Up With Your Cuff Links

UD - Vintage Lighter Cufflinks Chivalry is not dead.

You open doors, slide over in cabs and have been known to regularly defend the honor of sultry seductresses against the advances of nefarious cads in pistol duels outside of the Boom Boom Room.

So today we bring you news of a new device that will elegantly take its rightful place in your toolbox of chivalrous accouterments, right alongside your puddle-familiar trench coat and your rapier wit.

Introducing the awe-inspiring Vintage Lighter Cufflinks, (yes, with real flame) perfect for setting aglow the slender cigarette of a comely vixen during a night of martinis and marauding, available for order now online.

Don't think of these 007-style objets d'art as the next in a line of uncouth hybrid devices—the beer can helmet, all-in-one shampoo/conditioner—meant to fool the gullible public into a gimmick purchase. No, these elegant refillable lighter links are cousin to the bulletproof pocket square and the classic flask umbrella—a real gentleman's Zippo.

About the same size as your favorite pair of links (less than an inch tall and half-an-inch thick), all you need to do is fill the silver cavity with a bit of lighter fluid, fasten up your Charvet and be at the ready when the moment comes along. Just remember to watch your sleeve before you light up.

Unfortunately, chivalry is occasionally flammable.

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