The Oru Camp Collection Is Like Origami for Furniture

The Lightweight Chairs and Tables Go from Flat-Packed to Ready in About a Miinute

Image: Oru

Oru is known for its folding kayak, which is light, portable and goes from the box to fully assembled in minutes.

That kayak is great for sitting on water. But sometimes you like to sit on land.

For that, there's the new Oru Camp Collection, a lineup of origami-like folding furniture that's loaded with everything you need to properly outfit your next camping trip, backyard hang, tailgate or other al fresco adventure.

The collection is made from the same durable corrugated plastic as the kayaks, and hinges that allow for thousands of folds. Everything packs flat, comes with its own carrying case, and is super light and easy to transport from your car to wherever people need furniture.

There are currently three pieces in the collection. Each is available in black-and-white or orange-and-white colors.

The PopLounge is a comfortable, ergonomic lounge chair with Adirondack sensibilities that includes a hidden storage compartment for stashing your stuff. The FlipCube is a versatile piece that functions as a stool, footrest or side table. It's stackable and also offers storage. And the SwitchTable is a convertible height table that you can use for food prep, or enlist as a dining table, a coffee table or a bench. Two separate storage compartments let you keep one side dry and the other other filled with ice and drinks.

There's also the option to purchase a full camp collection, with two PopLounges, two FlipCubes and one SwitchTable. 

Don't worry if you're no good at origami. These things are easy to assemble, so you can go from standing around like a sucker to sitting down in comfort with just a few folds and snaps. 

If the end result looks like a swan, you made a mistake.

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