Hash Notes

Your New (Borderline Legal) Scent

UD - Nasomatto Black Afgano Here's a story…

One that, in some small way, encapsulates the times we're living in.

Imagine, if you will, a substance so rare, so exotic, so downright powerful, that governments around the world have conspired to prevent you from experiencing it.

Now imagine a man—we won't say a hero (because what's a hero?)—who stands against such so-called laws. A man willing to risk life and limb to acquire this substance, for one reason and one reason only—to…spray it sparingly around the wrists and neck.

We speak, of course, of a cologne.

But not just any cologne—Nasomatto Black Afgano, a new scent made from that most illicit of substances, hashish.

Go ahead, spray a little and take a whiff. Breathe in the top notes of coffee, leather, the illegal drug trade and, of course, danger. Dab a little on before work for that urban nomad vibe, or apply a hint before going out to convince potential conquests that yes, you have done business in Afghanistan, and no, you can't say what it is. (In fact, you've already said too much.) Just go easy on the stuff—you wouldn't want any new acquaintances to get a contact high. (There's always time for that later…)

And because you like your scent to tell a story (and preferably not an unpleasant one), wait for an opportune moment in the conversation to drop the fact that you're wearing hashish, and the reason it came to pass was because a man named Alessandro Gualtieri believed—against all odds—that an illegal substance would smell better than Calvin Klein Eternity. So much so that he smuggled the secret ingredient out of Yemen himself before experimenting with it in the lab for four backbreaking years.

Sadly, unlike the real thing, your first hit isn't free.

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