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A Wake Up Call for Cubs Fans

As you might already know, the Cubs haven't won the World Series since Model Ts were cruising down Clark.

And while some measure the distance in centuries (currently: 1), the truly obsessed are bit more precise.

That's why we'd like to introduce the CubbieTime Northside Clock, an ingenious little app for the iPhone, offering a new way to measure your North Side obsession.

If you're looking for an app that will really test the bells and whistles of your shiny new 3G S, this isn't it. Instead, its genius lies in its workhorse functionality. It's a news aggregator for all things Cubs, pushing the latest on the team straight to your phone. (You'd hate to be out of the loop the moment it's announced that Aramis is coming off the DL.)

And as the name suggests, there's also a digital alarm clock. With a design inspired by Wrigley's sign on Clark and Addison, it does something even the finest piece of Swiss engineering cannot: provide a running tally of the number of days it's been since October 14, 1908, the last time the team brought home the pennant.

Not that you're keeping track.


CubbieTime Northside Clock
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