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The Best Parking Spots in South Beach

Parking in South Beach is physically taxing, mentally exhausting and wallet-ally expensive. Did we mention it's also not fun? So, in our ongoing effort to improve the quality of your Miami life, we've scoured the city for the greatest (and, in some cases, most secretive) alcoves to store your ride for the night. Don't forward this to anyone.

Lincoln Lane and Pennsylvania Ave

Around the corner from the Starbucks on Lincoln and Pennsylvania, on the north side of Lincoln Lane, is a spot urban legends are made of. It's a commercial loading zone, but after 6pm it's a free spot without meters or the need for a parking permit. Sort of like the perfect storm of parking nirvana.

10th St between Alton Rd and West Ave

You love the Mondrian on Friday nights; the $24 valet, not so much. So drive a block farther south to the spacious garage at 10th St and park your ride for a painless dollar an hour. This is also great for when you want to dine at any of the restaurants on West Ave between 9th and 10th, as the spots on the street are rarely available.

10th St between Washington and Drexel

Around the corner from the Hotel Astor are a few spots where there's nary a meter or sign in sight. Close enough to the clubs on Washington to walk, you might have to stake out the space for a while, but it beats circling the crowded lots while your date peers anxiously out the window.

Alton Rd south of 15th

The spots on Alton between 14th and 15th are metered but free after midnight—and therefore perfect for your late-night jaunts to the Quarterdeck or Barton G. There are also a few unmetered spots south of 14th; they're tucked in between signs and loading zones, so make sure to look around before you abandon your wheels.

Charles Garage, 43rd and Collins

Waiting for valet at the Fontainebleau on the nights LIV attracts a crowd can take years off your life, not to mention the $18 that could have been better spent at the bar. Avoid the chaos and drive one more block south on Collins to this little gem of a garage, where seven bucks will get you three hours of parking bliss.

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