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You grew up reading the paper and the occasional magazine pilfered from Dad's "secret file." More recently, you graduated to websites run by people named Drudge and Huffington. You even get Google Alerts on a very important person: yourself.
But lately those methods have begun to feel a little…slow. Introducing almost.at, a futuristic new website that lets you track everything from the French Open to Obama's latest rhetorical masterpiece in—get this—real time.
Consider it the dawn of the Web 3.0 era. Just click over to the site, and pick from a handful of ongoing events (apparently there are some elections happening right now in Europe). From there, you'll get a continuous stream of live video, images and text from a few little-known places like Flickr, YouTube and Twitter. (Trust us: that last one's gonna be huge.) The result is like your own personal CNN feed, but without that pompous ass Wolf Blitzer.
Right now, the site's limited to trifles like the president's Cairo speech. But it will delve into the important stuff—like, say, the NBA Finals and today's iPhone announcement—real soon.
You'll never miss an earth-shattering tweet again.

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