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Artisanal Jeans Made in SoMa

UrbanDaddy - Tellason Jeans When you think denim, you think 501's.

Classic, American, invented right here in little old San Francisco.

And not that there's anything wrong with that, but they're everywhere. And sometimes, you just need your own pair of dungarees.

Which is why you'll want to know about Tellason Jeans, a budding line of premium, heavyweight denim handmade in a local jeans factory near Mint Plaza, with a limited edition run available at Villains Vault now.

By "limited edition," we mean that only 240 pair of these unwashed, raw selvage jeans have been made—each with its own unit number hand-stamped on the inside pocket, which makes these hard-to-get gems like a rare piece of fine art (think Dogs Playing Poker) that only you and 239 of your closest friends will be sporting.

And while the exclusivity is nice, you'll be happy to know that these bad boys were designed by two well-connected denim fanatics using dense, raw selvage (industry talk for really good jeans) from Cone Denim's century-old White Oak plant in North Carolina—and not so incoincidentally one of the oldest denim makers in the country.

Right now, you can find Tellasons in one very democratic fit—the Strummer—a slim, straight leg. But once the company moves past its soft launch, look for three new fits and eight different finishes.

In other words, you'll have options.

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