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Your Next Barbecue's Secret Weapon

UrbanDaddy - Robinson's Prime Reserve If you've got plans this weekend, you might want to consider canceling them. Or at least make sure they include a cookout.

You see, we just came across this fantastic beef supplier. (Seriously.) It's based in Louisville, and every bit equal to the city's excellent horse races and bourbon.

Introducing Robinson's Prime Reserve.  And, we're pleased to bring word that they have quietly started slinging steaks through this crazy thing called the Internet.

The Kentucky butchers have been in the business for more than 40 years, serving up hand-carved, hand-selected beef that's too good for mass market shelves. As a result, they've become the go-to provider of beef for everyone from Martha Stewart to the Saudi Royal Family. But unless you knew someone who knew someone (who knew someone), the Robinsons didn't want your business—until now.

Think of the Robinsons' new site as your source for perfectly marbled bison ribeyes, thick porterhouses, filet mignons and New Zealand lamb racks. And although the butchers have gone mass, they're not skimping on quality: they're still hand-carving each piece for the perfect lean-to-fat ratio. (Our initial taste test bore out the hype: we overcooked our filet mignon, and still cut it with a butter knife—and paid less per cut than we do at Luger's.)

No word yet on where the Saudi Royals get their steak sauce.


Robinson's Prime Reserve

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