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Pat LaFrieda Will Now Ship Japanese A5 Wagyu Straight to Your Door

It's the First Time They've Offered These Premium Cuts for Home Delivery

Image: Pat LaFrieda

Of all the mail that shows up at your door, high-end steak has got to be at the top of the list.

Because while Pottery Barn catalogs and bank statements make good kindling in a pinch, they aren't perfectly marbled and delicious with a little salt and pepper.

We only bring it up because legendary meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda just launched Japanese A5 wagyu beef home delivery for the first time in the brand's lengthy history.

Pat LaFrieda is known for having the largest dry aging room in the country, and it's been providing restaurants with top-notch American and Japanese wagyu for decades. But until now, private consumers never had access to this delicacy.

three cuts of pat lafrieda wagyu beef
pat lafrieda

The company selects A5 wagyu from across Japan. They're sourcing beef from Oita, Kumamoto, Nagano, Kagoshima, Iwate and Hokkaido, choosing the best of the bunch from each prefecture. Three cuts are currently available: filet, striploin, and boneless ribeye, with dry-aged options coming soon.

Steaks are shipped fresh with ice packs, ready to hit the grill or the cast-iron and turned into a memorable dinner. You should probably add a starch or a vegetable to the plate, just to round things out.

But then again, Pat LaFrieda also sells hotdogs.

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