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Jeni's Just Launched 4 New Ice Cream Flavors for the Solar Eclipse

The Punk Stargonaut Collection Is Available in Stores and Online for National Shipping

Image: Jeni's

On April 8, a total eclipse is crossing the U.S., and several major cities are in the path of totality. 

So, don't forget to look up, lest you miss this rare celestial phenomenon.

Also, bring a spoon, because Jeni's just launched its Punk Stargonaut Collection, a four-pack of limited-time-only ice creams featuring "flavors from a distant galaxy." They're available now in local shops and online for national delivery.

Jeni's describes the Punk Stargonaut Collection thusly:

  • Nebula Berry: tart like a blueberry and vibrant like a raspberry with an elderflower fragrance
  • Cosmic Bloom: a tropical delicacy, citrusy like a mandarin, refreshing like a kiwi, and punchy like passion fruit
  • Purple Star Born: reminiscent of Concord grape and puckery like blackcurrants — intensely juicy
  • Supermoon: created from the moon dust that glitters in the sky during a harvest supermoon + tastes like candied violet and marshmallows 
jeni's punk stargonaut collection
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

In a statement, Jeni's said: "Our newest collection is inspired by a fictional flight through the galaxy. Where we gathered all the alien fruits we could find and transformed them into colorful, cosmic ice creams."

That works for us.

If you buy the collection online, they're throwing in one familiar favorite from Planet Earth — Gooey Butter Cake. There's also a new topping called Space Dust, a fizzy popping candy to sprinkle atop the ice cream. It's included with the pints, along with eclipse viewing glasses.

So you'll have everything you need to watch the eclipse with a sugar high.

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