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They say family isn't a word—it's a sentence.

And sometimes that sentence can get a little … uncomfortable.

The latest proof: Awkward Family Photos, an online treasure trove of family portraits gone wrong.

Found humor is experiencing something of a boom these days. (Think of Postcards From Yo' Momma or Look at This F*ing Hipster.) But this might be the funniest site yet—it relies on a steady stream of reader-submitted pictures, which capture those uncomfortable moments that can only occur between blood relations.

Log on, and behold such wonders as Osh Kosh the Prequel (a Sears-style portrait co-starring a yawning mother), Family Tree (a family of four straddling a tree branch), and I Think He's Going to Pork Her, in which some lucky patriarch makes out with Mom—as the rest of his clan looks on approvingly. But even a thousand words could never do justice to our favorite, a photo tagged The Wonder Years. (NSFW, if you W somewhere that frowns upon fur or simulated nudity.) Use the site as quick midday pick-me-up, or prepare to surrender an afternoon browsing through the majesty of some very special moments involving friends and family.

Which reminds us: Happy belated Mother's Day.
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