3 Squares Diner

Breakfast for Dinner and Dinner for Dinner From the Team Behind Jam

Hot Chicken and Waffles. Lamb and Grits. This Place Gets You.

By Pearl Plotkin ·
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Fact: Sometimes, you just want breakfast at 8pm. 

Opinion: From now on, there's only one place you need concern yourself with when it comes to such matters. 

We speak of Uptown's new 3 Squares Diner, coming to you from the chef-owners of Logan Square's brunch haven, Jam. It's open now. Get in there.

Located on the ground floor of Lawrence House—a rehabbed, Art Deco apartment building—this place is serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Repeat: all-day breakfast.

You might notice that the 1920's-y décor evokes a modern, classy diner feel with white high-top counter seating, leather swivel chairs and brass, diamond-shaped pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. Then you might notice that you're noticing the wrong things.

See, Chef Ian Voakes' would prefer that you just let him ply you with classic-yet-elevated breakfast items like hot chicken & waffles and lamb & grits. Or sweet options like buttermilk pancakes and brioche French toast.

And when you're damn good and ready, cleanse your palette with a boozy, vegan horchata milkshake, or, say... a regular cocktail. As for the dinner items: suffice it to say, they're unique. Perhaps the duck confit pot pie will do it for you. Perhaps a Chicago Pastrami Dog.

Perhaps another Chicago Pastrami Dog.

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