Lettuce Entertain You's Newest Restaurant Is Nothing Short of Stunning

Grilled Octopus, Aloe Cocktails and a Rooftop Patio in the West Loop

By Pearl Plotkin ·
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You can't have an Ēma without an Aba.

It's a biological fact.

It's also a fact that the new restaurant and rooftop patio from Lettuce Entertain You (indeed, of Ēma fame) is the most handsome place you'll ever eat shawarma in. It's now open for dinner in Fulton Market and you should definitely take a look around.

Ēma and Aba are the Hebrew names for mother and father, respectively. So there's a talking point for you as you and your date ascend to the third floor of 302 Green Street and enter a glorious dining room filled with lush greenery and a massive skylight with hanging street lamp orbs. 

While you could definitely opt for a couple seats there, you may be better off venturing out to that expansive rooftop patio to enjoy its lounge-style seating, indoor-outdoor bar and fire pits.

Into it? Thought you might be. You'll also be into their raw and cooked seafood, hot and cold mezze and shareable Mediterranean plates. Go for the Jerusalem Everything Bagel with whipped honey labneh, za'atar and lemon zest. Or the Muhammara, a roasted pepper/chili/walnut spread situation.

And before you ask, yes, there's a cocktail with mezcal, aloe, lime and jalapeño in it. There's also something called Life on Freezy Street, which is basically a sauvignon blanc slushy.

Oh, and there's also a private event space called the Dalcy if you're planning something big.

So maybe plan something big.

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