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Boka Restaurant Group Has Something New for You Next to Hotel Zachary

Two Floors of Gin, Leather and Steaks in Wrigleyville

By Pearl Plotkin ·
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Oh, Wrigleyville. You're really growing up on us.

No longer are your leisurely pursuits relegated to bar-hopping and eating upsetting pizza.  

No. Because now you have Dutch & Doc's.

It's Boka Restaurant Group's latest addition to their lineup of popular Chicago establishments. More importantly, it's a casually elevated brasserie and bar where you'll drink and eat nice things, now open next to Hotel Zachary and across the street from Wrigley Field. Check it out.

Named after the two most popular nicknames in baseball, this massive, two-floor, 200-seat funhouse offers flowing libations and a menu that has everything you would ever want to eat. Ever. More on that in a minute, though.

First, to the horseshoe-shaped marble bar on the main floor for a frozen mudslide or something equally refreshing like the Crosstown Classic with gin, rhubarb, grapefruit and mint.

Eventually, you'll want to venture around the place and find one of the leather banquettes tucked away throughout various nooks and crannies. Or to the moodier back bar, complete with a fireplace and dim lighting, that's meant for those who want to hear each other speak. Hey, that's you and your date.

But back to that menu. Head upstairs where there's another full floor of seating that overlooks the Wrigley Field marquee. Massive windows open up, giving you a nice breezy vibe while you see what Chef Chris Pandel (Swift & Sons, Balena...) has been getting up to in the kitchen. Hint: it's crispy giardiniera, chicken wings, prime steaks and his "show-stopping" mac and cheese.

And again, everything else. 

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