There's a New Korean Spot in Town. That's Moderately Italian.

It'll All Make Delicious Sense Tonight at Passerotto

By Pearl Plotkin ·
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You've had Korean food. You've had Italian food. You've... probably figured out where this is headed.

But if not, it's directly to an Andersonville wonderland that dares to tempt you and your date with a menu full of Italian-inspired Korean-ness.

Welcome to Passerotto, a bright and cozy new restaurant in the former Brixton space brought to you by chef Jennifer Kim of Snaggletooth and Nico Osteria fame. It's open now. Take a look around

It's a casual place. It's quaint. It's got little trinkets and greenery displayed on mantles. Macramé hangings accent the exposed brick walls, along with unique artwork including a painted portrait of a stoic cat in a hanbok.

Grab seats against the window and watch passersby as you feast upon Pacific Fluke. Or opt for dinner at the vast marble bar with seating on both sides.

Then, sit back and let chef Kim handle things from there. She's taking dishes from her culture and combining them with what she learned while spending time in Central Italy. The result: mashup dishes like Sulleongtang Tortelloni with oxtail and kimchi furikake and Ddukbokki Lamb Ragu served with rice cakes. 

Dishes are meant to be shared here, so go nuts. Just let it all happen. And definitely pair everything with a nice wine or a cocktail. Preferably something with gin, lime and Thai-spice bitters in it.

Or something more Italian. You get how this place works by now. 

Pearl Plotkin

Pearl Plotkin is often mistaken for an 89-year-old bubbie. Her favorite things include writing, doodling, live music and finding faces in inanimate objects. Not necessarily in that order.

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