The Weird Internet Hall of Fame: Walk It Talk It

The Best Moments of an Instantly Iconic Music Video from Migos and Drake

By Thompson Brandes ·
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We’ve inducted all sorts of weird into the Weird Internet Hall of Fame. From '90s weird all the way to Montgomery weird, pretty much any and every piece of online notoriety is fair game. But the best kind of weird—the kind that gets you immediately enshrined in a subjective cornerstone such as this one—is the weird utilized to propel an artist to elite-level greatness. Which is exactly what Migos and Drake have done with their retrofit music video for Walk It Talk It—a nod to finer days of Soul Train lore.

The video speaks for itself, and is a thorough crash course both in wig accessory and nostalgic reboot. But as is tradition with greatness, it’s often the details and little moments that make this music video stand out. So let’s run through a top-five ranking of them now, so that they, too, can last forever in internet remembrance:

5. The moment Drake popped a perfectly executed finger dab into the camera.

“She at home now.”

4. The moment Jamie Foxx told us exactly which way the Culture Ride was going as show host Ron Delirious.

Screenshots via Quality Control Music, LLC

3. The moment the band’s drummer magically played the song’s telephone ring effect.

It happens at the 2:40 mark, and is low-key the funniest thing that happens in the video.

2. Every moment Drake hit a dance move for the people in the Soul Train line.

It’s important to note that every single dancer in this video is phenomenal—the woman clapping in synchronous harmony to each Migos ad lib is outstanding, as is the absolute savage on roller skates—but it’s Drake who shines through as the real people’s champion. He is king when it comes to the late night house party vibe; imperfect, yet coordinated enough to get the juice flowing just right.

1. The moment Offset dove deeper into his character than any scene of Gary Oldman’s in The Darkest Hour.

Offset’s 25 seconds of solo screen time are so remarkable and transfixing that even Drizzy can’t match his efficiency. Where others treat this video as a harmless spoof, Offset delivers the kind of courageous performance worthy of Academy recognition. Watch it one more time, and experience the ice cold chills that reside right at the “chicken teriyaki” mark:

He is a man deliberately lost in his art, and the lasting result is a role more iconic than the video itself.

Welcome to the Hall, Offset, and thank you. The internet will forever be a much weirder place with you and everyone else from this video in it.

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