The Weird Internet Hall of Fame: "Flea Market Montgomery"

The Most Viral Commercial In the History of Alabama Gets Inducted Into the Hall

By Thompson Brandes ·
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Every era, decade and trend will undoubtedly have its features that, when looked back upon, are definitively and hysterically weird. And with the Weird Internet Hall of Fame, we’ve built a capsule collection intended on cherishing and savoring these moments for all of online eternity.

Today, we're officially back with a viral sensation of not-so-long-ago: 2006’s ‘Flea Market Montgomery.'

There was a memorable time in life, around 2008, when the very first of my close friends announced he was engaged to be married. It was a little bit of a shocker, frankly (considering we were not even of age to drink yet), but my friend was, and still is, the kind of perfectly hysterical man who always back-pocketed a sincerity that demanded respect. Thus, we made sure to receive this news with the proper gravity and excitement.

But here’s the thing: there was one very specific caveat capable of skyrocketing your entire engagement back in the days of 2006 to say, 2009. And that was having a fiancé from Montgomery, Alabama.

Do you know how much fun it is to meet a person of great significance, and immediately know all pertinent information about the place in which they are from? I’m sure you’re at least familiar with the feeling—but it’s just a little more special when all of the prior background knowledge is obtained through a two-minute flea market commercial. So let’s take a minute to comb through everything one learns about Montgomery in Sammy Stephens’s web-sensation, Flea Market Montgomery.

  • Living rooms, bedrooms, dinettes (oh yeah): you can find the best of them all right there in Montgomery.

  • You can also apparently find very handsome, fashionable suits in Montgomery, which is nice.

  • Montgomery, if you had to sum it up in one succinct description, is basically just like a mini-mall.

  • Former Montgomery radio personality Sammy Stephens could sell me a glass of water if I was drowning:

  • One has to assume, through careful observation and comparison, that Montgomery is the definitive birthplace of The Scarn.

  • The people of Montgomery surely take great pride in their flea market—a bona fide landmark propelling them to heights never before seen in the great state of Alabama.

  • The aforementioned couple above? They are now happily married with three glorious children—all of whom have been to Montgomery.

  • Flea Market Montgomery is now an official, proud member of our Weird Internet Hall of Fame.
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