The Razzies Are The Last Good Awards Show

There's Nothing To Get Angry About When Everything Is Bad

By Kady Ruth Ashcraft ·
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Getting worked up about awards season is a right of passage for those looking to spend time talking on the Internet. We’ve been guilty of it here and feel no shame. Too often nominee lists are too white, too male, and too predictable. Sometimes they’re none of those things and just bad. But occasionally justice is brought to the decision making process and today is one of those days The Razzies, a mock awards show for the worst work in Hollywood, released its nominations today and it is so freeing to just sit back and revel in something we can all agree on. When there are no stakes, awards shows are incredibly enjoyable. 

The worst movies this year included The Emoji Movie, Baywatch, and Fifty Shades Darker. Downsizing was snubbed from that category in my opinion, but I’ve made the political decision to not get upset about anything on this list. I’m going to just let these nominations wash over me and accept them. If these industry folks decide these movies are bad I will trust them. Plus, Downsizing did have Hong Chau who doesn’t deserve a mention by The Razzies. The masses can all come together in recognizing bad talent. It is so refreshing to have unity like that, if not just for a fleeting moment. 

In the worst actress category, things are getting political. Jennifer Lawrence and Katherine Heigl are among those nominated but the real drama that I refuse to unpack is Tyler Perry’s worst actress nomination for his work in Madea. Again, whatever joke The Razzies were going for, I’ll let them have it. It’s been such a long year and I’ve talked about Downsizing on too many bad first dates for me to drag this particular awards show.

Mark Wahlberg is on the list, which following his whole All The Money In The World pay debacle, gives me a good chuckle. He isn’t nominated for that particular film, but glad to know someone being paid millions more than their female costar is getting recognition for their terrible work. That feels just.

Winners will be announced March 3 and it is so reassuring knowing that whoever wins or loses, I won’t be in an uproar. I don't have to waste any brain space on unfair recognition or what it means for the future of representation in the film industry. I’ll happily watch the livestream, trying to forget about the huge holes of logic in Downsizing like why was the fjord they were in normal sized. No matter who wins, they’re all losers and I think that is beautiful.

Kady Ruth Ashcraft

Kady Ruth Ashcraft is a writer, comedian, filmmaker, and Amtrak Princess. Follow her on twitter @kadyrabbit and tweet her pictures of your pets.

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