Things to do for July 05, 2017

Full Moon Festival, Operatic Dinner Dates and Checking Out Rose Hill

Great Weekend We Just Had. Welcome to the Weekend.

By Geoff Rynex

Gentry’s Done. But First...

Gentry’s Done. But First...

Gentry, one of our favorite menswear shops, is closing, and that’s sad. What’s not sad is the fact that they’re sale-ing up to 40% off spring/summer stuff from Simon Miller, Alex Mill, Visvim and a bunch more (up to 70% off fall/winter).

Ongoing, Gentry, 108 N 7th St (between Berry and Wythe), 718-384-8588

Alfresco Pasta and Opera on the UWS

Alfresco Pasta and Opera on the UWS

Planning a good weeknight date can be tough. Tonight—or any Wednesday for the next five—we suggest Machiavelli on the Upper West Side. The gnocchi and Italian wines on their patio are nice enough. It’s all made nicer by the opera singers and concert pianist doing Debussy and Chopin tunes. Is it cool to call those tunes?

Wednesdays through Aug 9, Machiavelli, 519 Columbus Ave (at 85th), 212-724-2658

Post-Literary Cocktails and Pork

Post-Literary Cocktails and Pork

When’s the last time you went to the Morgan? Awhile right? You should go. They’ve got Henry David Thoreau’s journal right now. And after that, you should check out the Restaurant at Rose Hill (it’s a looker), with its cider-glazed pork belly and its cocktails, made by a guy who came from Experimental Cocktail Club.

The Biggest Must-Do of the Weekend

The Biggest Must-Do of the Weekend

Convicts and Matte Productions are bringing the anti-Fyre to Governor’s Island on Saturday, with Vic Mensa and DJ Harvey (others too) in place of no one, and Flower Shop, La Esquina (others too), in place of stale cheese sandwiches. You can get 20% off tickets right here.

What Else Is New

Drake’s, which can appropriately be called a haberdasher, has moved out of their pop-up and into a permanent space in SoHo. If you’re the made-to-measure type (ties included), it’s required visiting. The display cases come from London’s Museum of Natural History, which tells you how seriously they take the ties.

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