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The Best Ballpark Foods You Won’t Find in a Ballpark

Nine Baseball-Inspired Dishes to Eat Right Now

By Kevin Gray ·
Nearly a month into baseball season, and people everywhere are upping their intake of hot dogs, nachos and ice cream served in little helmets. Now, we’d never disparage such a grand pastime as eating ice cream in little helmets. But in the event that you’d like to enjoy some better-than-your-average ballpark foods in a different setting—say, in a bar or restaurant, with the game on TV—then you’re in luck.

Because here we’ve got nine of the best baseball-watching items you can look at and then eat. We’re talking foie gras hot dogs, lobster-laden fries and other good decisions that bring the best part of baseball right to your plate.

No tickets required.

The standard: Your run-of-the-mill hot dog served in a foil sheath.
The upgrade: This decadent foie gras frankfurter with condiments like blueberry-walnut ketchup and popcorn mustard. Menton Gold Bar, Boston

The standard: Stale chips covered in neon-yellow cheese.
The upgrade: This delightful combination of Carolina-style pulled pork, guacamole, smoked mozzarella, baked beans, pickled jalapeños and BBQ sauce that’ll never be threatened by rogue foul balls. Gus’s BBQ, Los Angeles

The standard: Those little personal pizzas that were made hours ago, come in a box and are two-thirds grease.
The upgrade: This larger-but-still-personal-size pizza fresh from a Chicago marine engineer’s brick oven. Robert’s Pizza Company, Chicago

The standard: A cheesesteak.
The upgrade: This cheesesteak. It’s shaved ribeye, jalapeño jack whiz, provolone, peppers and onions on a sesame baguette. And all that’s topped with crispy onions for some extra panache. Halves & Wholes, Miami

The standard: The ubiquitous vanilla ice cream stuffed between two uninspired chocolate chip cookies.
The upgrade: Your choice of ice cream nestled between two freshly fried churros that get doused in spiced sugar. Churro Borough, Los Angeles

The standard: Fritos in a bag.
The upgrade: Fritos in a bag... in a bowl. Plus all the toppings, like chili, cheddar cheese, sour cream and green onions. It’s a damn civilized Frito pie. Barrel & Ashes, Los Angeles

The standard: Cheese fries.
The upgrade: Crustacean cheese fries. In this case known as skillet lobster poutine and loaded with cheese curds and gravy. Doheney Room, Los Angeles

The standard: Bag of peanuts.
The upgrade: These rye-whiskey-roasted Brazil nuts. Because they’re a great source of selenium, sure, but mostly because of the whiskey. Copper & Oak, New York

The standard: Ice cream in a little helmet. Also, Cracker Jacks.
The upgrade: This two-for-one situation starts with a generous portion of popcorn ice cream. Top that with caramel, caramel popcorn and peanut brittle, and don’t eat it with your hands. American Cut, multiple locations

Kevin Gray lives in Texas. He likes whiskey, weekends and hammocks, often at the same time.

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