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The Finest Thin Crust in All the Land

Beer, Daiquiris and a Thin Crust 20 Years in the Making

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“Leave it to a marine engineer with a thing for brick ovens and fennel sausage to discover just about the most amazing thin-crust pizza recipe on the planet...”

That’s you, uttering those very words about nine days from now.

Seems weird, right?

And yet, this is the strange truth behind Robert’s Pizza Company—a neighborly pizzeria founded by a marine engineer named Robert with an all-consuming passion for dough. It opens on March 30 in Streeterville, and the slideshow will see you now.

To those who believe perfection is unattainable... well, yes, pretty much. Except maybe when it comes to this crust. It’s chewy. It’s crunchy. It cracks, but doesn’t break. In short, it’s about as close as we’re going to get to perfection in the edible-things category.

As for what goes on top: it ranges anywhere from fennel sausage and caramelized onions to clams and calamari. So maybe order two, along with their Caribbean-inspired daiquiri. Because... yeah.

Oh, and one more thing. Keep an eye out for their pizza “flights.” They’re basically themed four-course dinners involving a salad pizza, a white pizza, an entrée pizza and Robert’s original dessert pizza.

Thanks for trying out, other kinds of flights.


Robert’s Pizza Company
355 E Ohio St
(at N McClurg)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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