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The Person Behind Found Has Something New for You

And That Something Is a Sort-of-Steakhouse Inside of a 19th-Century Barn

By Sam Eichner ·
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Nothing we can bring you today can even come close to eclipsing what happened on Wednesday.



Still nothing.

That said, we never knew you to turn down caviar sandwiches, mezcal drinks and 16-ounce ribeyes served tableside with butterball potatoes.

Especially when it comes from places as charming as the Barn—Amy Morton’s new sort-of-steakhouse located in what used to be an actual 19th-century horse barn, now open in Evanston.

To find this place, you’ll saunter down an alleyway between Maple and Oak until you see a large green-blue door. Inside, the contents of this slideshow will present themselves: the original barn’s exposed brick; a dazzling chandelier; one seemingly irreverent portrait of a llama.

Then, after settling into either the upstairs loft space or the main dining room, you’ll choose your own adventure.

For a more traditional steakhouse dinner: Have their sommelier pair a glass of red with your ribeye, presented tableside with béarnaise, marrow butter and those magnificent potatoes.

For a less traditional steakhouse dinner: Start with the caviar sandwich (yes, that) and their mezcal-y play on a Blood & Sand, before graduating to the bison Bolognese.

And by adventure, we meant dinner. You’re just choosing your own dinner.
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