A 41-Day Festival on a Croatian Island

Campari, Astrology, Music and... Everything Else in Croatia

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Summer is the best.


And now that that’s been established, let’s move on to Obonjan, a new vacation scenario that’ll only exist for 41 days, currently booking for as long as you’d like to stay on a Croatian island between July 28 and September 6.

Now, let’s address that “you owe me an explanation” face you’re making...

Basically, it’s a mini-city with canvas tents and wooden lodges built on a 136-acre pine-and-olive-tree-covered European island. And its sole purpose is to host what’s essentially Coachella meets Art Basel meets Cannes meets TED Talks meets Food & Wine festivals meets other stuff.

Your time will be so easily filled. You can attend astronomy talks or yoga workshops in the geodome. Drink Campari spritzes in a seaside lounge. Explore an underwater sculpture garden designed by a British artist. See a 25-piece orchestra. Watch cult films in the stone amphitheater. It goes on.

Your job is just to pop in like you own the place and do what you want, when you want.

And soon after Labor Day, the whole thing simply... goes away. Disappears like it never even happened.

Oh. But it happened.

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