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How the West Loop Does Chinatown

Goat Belly Lo Mein, Frog Legs and Duck-Fat-Washed Bourbon

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That was you upon finding out that today’s topic of conversation is Duck Duck Goat.

Yes, Stephanie Izard’s culinary fever dream through China has finally materialized in the West Loop. It’s open now for dinner, though you can expect a neon-lit pickup window and other meals in the near future.

Navigating through this slideshow, it may seem like they took the best of every Chinatown in America and squeezed it into a few rooms on the corner of Fulton Market and Peoria.

There’s the Chinese social club. There’s the bustling market pavilion (actually, a bar). There’s the opulently pink Chinese theater and the spacious tearoom. There’s even an opium-den-like lounge where you’ll imbibe duck-fat-washed bourbon drinks before dinner.

Ideally, you’ll grab a table with a lazy Susan. You’ll peruse this menu, which is a mix of traditional Chinese (like wood-fired char siu ribs) and Izard-ian Chinese (like her crispy frog legs). Then, you’ll order a bunch of stuff—hand-pulled noodles with goat sausage, pork-and-crab soup dumplings, duck-egg fried rice—before receiving an almond-y cookie with a message stuffed inside.

Spoiler: it’ll probably tell your fortune.

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