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Taste Test: Watermelon Jerky

They Made It. We Tried It.

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Ask us to pick a couple foods that are universally liked around these parts, and watermelon and jerky would make the list. But combine those things into one, and... well, we couldn’t not be curious.

So when a bag of Watermelon Jerky from the organic meal delivery service Sakara showed up at UrbanDaddy HQ, we put it to the test. The Taste Test. This is that, and these are musings from around the office.

“I’m a fan of the color.”

“It looks like prosciutto, and I wish it was prosciutto.”

“They shouldn’t call it jerky. They should call it a fruit snack.”

“Looks like skin. Feels like skin. Made me gag a little. I had seconds.”

“The flavor is nice; mild, not sweet, with just a bit of melon-y taste. It’s interesting, but not substantial enough to be a satisfying snack.”

“I wish they would have taken the seeds out first.”

“There’s no difference between this and watermelon Fruit by the Foot. Except that it’s called watermelon jerky and not watermelon Fruit by the Foot.”

“This is phenomenal. I’m not joking. I would eat this all the time.”

“If Shark Bites are the best fruit snack of all time, this is somewhere in the bottom 17%.”

“I prefer my watermelon the way God intended—by the slice or by the Blow Pop.”

“I guess I wouldn’t mind it as a cocktail garnish.”

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