Brad Pitt’s Churchill Paintings, Old Ferraris and New Star Wars TV Spots

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Here’s where we use our Internet-reading abilities to share the latest articles, videos and randomness you need to consume before the day’s out. We call it: The Cooler.

Ferrari Boys: A 1969 Ferrari built for the North American Racing Team goes to auction Wednesday and is expected to rake in a cool $4.9 to $5.9 million.

Hi, Haters: Four Pins examines the strange state of “hate-wearing.”

Of Mice and Menswear: As word comes that Antonio Banderas may be designing his own line of capes, The New Yorker ponders whether we’re seeing the #menswear trend at its height.

Sniff It Out: GQ wants to know if you can tell the difference between stills from the new Angelina Jolie movie and stills from perfume ads.

Odd Future: Literary luminaries George Saunders and Jennifer Egan sit down to discuss just how they end up writing fiction about unknown futures.

Stargazing: Two new The Force Awakens spots graced TV on Sunday, with a not-insubstantial amount of new footage.

Churchill Country: The University of Missouri is about to stage the largest-ever exhibit of Sir Winston Churchill’s paintings—including one from the private collection of Brad Pitt.

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