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Italian-Made Jackets with Miami in Mind

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Today’s To-Do List:

1) Forget to turn your car’s clock back an hour.
2) Talk about the Royals winning the World Series and Drew Brees throwing seven touchdown passes.
3) Acquire unacceptably handsome, Basel-appropriate jackets.

That last one comes courtesy of Casa de Novelas, a new line of Italian-made jackets designed in Miami Beach with our tropical climate in mind. They’re online now and also available at Sartorial in the Design District and Basico in Wynwood.

After years of traveling between hot and humid climes, the man behind this whole thing realized there was a need for light, well-tailored jackets that could stand up to our particularly soupy weather while still looking sharp.

So he got to work designing a few specimens in his Miami Beach studio before taking them to Italy to be constructed by some masters. All just in time for your Basel exploits.


—The double-breasted, indigo-blue blazer with peaked lapels.
The wool/cotton/linen blend here works for those standing-room-only events.

—The purple-plaid wool-and-cotton-blended jacket with patch pockets.
Brunch: done.

—The 100% linen single-breasted number in green that’ll be available next season.
Sorry... “season.”

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