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And Here’s How You Build a Smartwatch

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Hope you’re ready to form a crack team of specialized modules to encircle your wrist and assist you in daily matters.

Because here’s Blocks, the very first smartwatch made with the smart pieces of your choosing, now available for preorder.

Let’s start with the touchscreen centerpiece: the piece with the clock on it. It’s where you control all the other modules. That stays no matter what, being as it holds the processor and the battery and... the time. From there, just snap on whichever other things make sense.

Say you’re heading off on a hike. Or to the corner mart.

Maybe start with the GPS module.
So that when your phone dies, you’ll know where you are.

Add the adventure module.
It’ll give you live readings of altitude, pressure and temperature. You know, adventure things.

Or maybe the heart rate monitor module.
To monitor the important sh*t.

And an extra battery module.
Which will never not come in handy.

As new modules are released, you’ll be able to go ahead and acquire those new modules instead of a new... entire watch. They’ve got SIM card, fingerprint authentication, stress level monitor and camera modules in the works.

We’ll stop saying module now.

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