A Stereo That’s Also a Projector

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Here we are, the first day of fall 2015, and you still haven’t streamed a movie on your stereo.

It’s confounding.

Fortunately, that madness is over now.

Because here’s Flicks, a handy new device that’s one part Bluetooth-equipped audio system and one part HD projector, now available online.

Let’s field your fake questions.

Okay, so... what?
Imagine a really good boombox that plays music and stuff. Then imagine an also really good film projector that allows up to eight hours of video playback. Then imagine someone smarter than all of us merged them together into one cohesive device. That’s this thing.

Neat. But why do I want it?
Because you can stream audio and video from your other devices, and it will project a 100-inch HD image onto the wall. Or a screen, if you have a screen.

When should I use it?
Maybe you’d like to watch a movie on your patio. Or maybe you’d like to gather some friends around a fire to watch the Cowboys game. Yes, the watching-football-while-camping implications are staggering.

How do you feel about the Cowboys signing Matt Cassel?
Get well soon, Tony.

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