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A Little Screen That Makes Your Car Smarter

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
What’s the opposite of a walking city?

We’ll let you mull that over while we introduce Exploride, a futuristic device that mounts on your dashboard and controls everything you do while you’re in your car because you’re in your car a lot. It’s now available for preorder and ships in January.

You see, all that stuff like GPS navigation and making calls and everything else—it’ll soon happen by way of this transparent little screen that you control by waving your hand around.

It works in all cars, anywhere in the world. But let’s pretend you’re using it in Atlanta since you’re in Atlanta.

Maybe you’re in traffic on 400 and you receive a text regarding imminent plans in the mountains. Wave your hand in front of the screen and a pleasant robot voice will read it to you.

Things are a go. A few hand waves later, paired with your words, and you’ve now got navigation. Karate chop the air in front of the screen again and you’ve cued up your iTunes or Spotify road trip playlist. Do it again and...

Actually, stop. It’s getting weird.

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