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At Last, Canada Goose Has an Online Shop

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
A few true facts:

1. It is now September. (Welcome, September.)
2. It is still hot outside. (Thank you, September.)
3. Soon, it will not be. (It’s not your fault, September.)

And so, you’ll be pleased to hear Canada Goose just launched their first US webshop today. It’s online now, filled with things to make the coming months a little more tolerable. And better-looking. More tolerable, and better-looking.

This all started in a small warehouse in Toronto, about 60 years ago. “These are warm,” they claimed. “These are a fine blustery-weather choice,” they claimed. In the ’80s, they began designing parkas for scientists in Alaska. The first Canadian to climb Mount Everest was wearing one of them.

Point is: they’ll probably keep you warm.

Let’s see, there are lightweight shell jackets and these nice quilted down vests and jackets. For when you’re in the city and it’s cold but it’s not chopping-down-Christmas-trees-in-Alaska cold.

But when it is, you’ll want to have one of their classic parkas on hand. Thigh- or knee-length, coyote-fur hood, tested to withstand up to minus 25 degrees.

Let’s all hope you won’t have to verify that.

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