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Like Having an Old ’80s Camcorder in Your Phone

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None Oh, God.

These videos look like you took some old camcorder recordings in the ’80s and let them sit in storage for 30 years.


Embrace the sweet nostalgia with VHS Camcorder, a new app that makes videos look as grainy, wobbly and wonderfully aged as you want them to look, available now for iPhone.

Technology has come a long way since 1985. So far that it can bring us all the way back to 1985. Just like that.

Maybe you want to shoot a low-budget ’80s comedy, but it’s no longer the ’80s. Maybe you find all these HD videos too damn crisp and unlifelike. Maybe you know someone who still throws ’80s parties.

It works like so: launch the thing. Record whatever you want, in all its static-tape-noise and tracking-distortion glory. Smile wistfully at how terrible it looks. Pat your finger on the screen or shake your phone to make it even worse.

You can even add those on-screen date and time graphics—either with the real date or a phony one.

Get Ralph Macchio on the line and you’re approaching something special.

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