Fittery Will Get You Everywhere

For Finding Shirts That Fit You Perfectly

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
These guys know a good dress shirt.

And you, well, you’ve got a neck, two arms and a particular deftness with a measuring tape.

Feels like we’re onto something...

Something like Fittery, a new service that’s on a mission to rid the world’s closets of ill-fitting clothing, online now.

“One man’s medium is another man’s large.” Timeless menswear saying, written by us a few seconds ago. And so, it can sometimes be challenging to shop a website with a bunch of great brands, when all those great brands... fit completely differently.

First, let them know your height, your weight and how you take your shirts (little loose, little fitted, mostly just right). Then, grab a measuring tape and get to it. (If you don’t have one, they’ll make sure you do soon.)

Once you’ve entered a list of relevant measurements for your neck, your torso and such, they’ll scan through thousands of shirts and calculate which will fit best. Then, when you shop, there’ll be a “Fit Rating” under each, so you’ll know what’s up.

Right now, you’re working with options from Todd Snyder, Twillory, Bonobos and a bunch of other familiar faces.

It’s great to see you, too, Todd.

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