Game of Phones

A Tiny Phone That’s Basically Immortal

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Batman and Robin.

Holmes and Watson.

Your phone and this phone.

Point is: sidekicks. And Janus One, a small yet mighty telecommunications device for doing all those important phone things when your other phone can’t, now available for preorder and shipping in September.

First thing you’ll notice: it’s tiny. About the size of a credit card. Second thing you’ll notice: this isn’t for taking videos and filtering images of donuts. This does calls and texts and nothing else, just like the old days.

So, sure, you could use it as a phone if you’re taking a break from online distractions. But its rather intense battery life—up to 90 days off of one charge—means you can just keep it on hand as your phone’s plan B.

It’ll also charge your phone like a backup battery. And if paired by Bluetooth, you can use it to make calls from your other device while it’s charging or somewhere else.

It’s also a pedometer.

That was probably as good a time as any to mention the pedometer.

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