Alone Sharks

These People Will Really Mess with Your Head

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None This time it’s personal.

Always wanted to say that.

And it works for Alone|Intimate, a weird little game in which some people want to mess with you for days—after conducting a thorough background check and interviewing your friends and family. You’ll want to sign up for the list now to get word on applications.

This will all make sense soon. Sort of.

The, uh, “experience” comes from Alone, which made you go solo through a pitch-black basement around Halloween. This new experience is either less scary or more scary. It’s kind of hard to say.

Because for this, you’ll need to apply, then submit to a face-to-face interview. And a background check. And give them full access to your personal information. Then they’re going to want to talk with your family, friends and coworkers. It’s possibly not for everyone.

Then, in time, armed with your secrets, they’re going to really f**k with you. For several days. In a crazy experience specified to you and you alone.

To answer your question: yeah, it all sounds kind of like The Game.

So as to how this all plays out for you...

Might depend on whether you are close, personal friends with Sean Penn.

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