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Here’s a Line of Attractive French Swim Trunks

Close your eyes.

Picture yourself awakening, near a large body of water. You rub your eyes. Take a sip from something strong and bright. Someone named Anne-Sophie beckons from the sea, motions for you to join a game of—

Wait, where were we? Right. You’re donning a new pair of swim trunks from Atalaye, French-based supplier of soft, light, beach-appropriate items for your lower half, available online now.

Let’s see... if any or all of this sounds appealing, hop on the website, where you’ll find a bunch of flattering cuts (short but not too short, European but not... too European).

If you’re trying to blend in with the French locale:
Focus on the classic options. Coral, bright turquoise, teal, navy-and-red stripes. Classic.

If you like those flowers in this very Basque-y area of France:
Note the two different hydrangea prints. Note that’s two more than basically every other swim line.

If you have a thing for art deco and modern French art:
... –inspired prints. On your swim trunks. You can make that happen.

And if you also like dry pants:
They’re made of this anti-UV fabric that’s meant to dry extremely quickly.

Time is of the essence when frozen drinks are imminent.

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