My Name Is Pearl

An App That Finds You Oysters

None “He was a bold man that first used an app to eat an oyster.” —Jonathan Swift

Close enough...

Find a teeny-tiny spoon for Pearl, a new app that’s basically about to be your oyster concierge, available now for iPhone.

This is an oyster town. An oyster town with so many bivalves and institutions dedicated to serving them that any attempt to catalog them was utter madness. Until... anyway, this thing exists now, and you can download it.

After doing so, you’ll scroll through local restaurants and discover what’s currently on ice at fine establishments like Neptune Oyster or Ostra. You can talk to it like a person and say, “What’s that, Pearl? Pemaquids at Row 34...” but you’re not required to.

And if you’re feeling so inclined, you can select any oyster to see details on size, ratings for body and brininess, and tags like “plump” and “seaweed.” Of course, you could also just search by particular oyster and find everywhere it’s being served that day.

Hopefully it looks like its profile picture.

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