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Now in Your Pocket: All of the Wine Lists

None Your date-night game plan:

Shine your shoes.

Touch your hair.

Scan 8,000 wine lists.

Maybe leave that last one to Corkscrew, a new app that uses your personal oenophilic preferences to find a whole bunch of very specific wines at a whole bunch of very specific restaurants, now available for iPhone with Android not far behind.

This thing makes a lot of sense. The hyper-specific recommendations. The restaurant-comparison lists. The wine-centric social feed where you can scroll around and see what your friends are drinking.

Launch the app and input your preferences: bubbles or none, red or rosé, French or Austrian. It’ll list the most relevant wines as well as the nearby places that will pour them for you (not to mention what the same bottles cost at different places).

When you’re done, let them know if you liked it so they can make their next suggestions more specific/personal/creepily accurate.

Might come in handy if...

—You want to check out a new spot’s Macedonian red selection.

—You’d fancy a slightly floral, full-bodied white with subtle mineral hints.

—You’d fancy... the opposite of that.

—Your date has a thing for 1982 Château Mouton Rothschilds.

It’s a respectable thing to have a thing for.

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