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This New Delivery App Is a Good One

None A note from three hours into the future just arrived. It reads:

Not cooking dinner tonight.

Tired/busy/just don’t feel like it.

You’re on your own. Sorry.

Good luck.


How’s this for staying future-you-proof: Sprig, a new-to-Chicago app and delivery service that’s bringing you healthy and delicious tidings starting tonight at 5pm, and the app is available now for iPhone and Android.

Sprig’s story involves three San Francisco friends who wanted dinner. Also, they wanted to raise a lot of venture capital. Eighteen months and an executive-chef-hired-away-from-Google later, you can now get coq au vin or truffle mac and cheese a mere 15 or so minutes after thinking, “Hey, some coq au vin or truffle mac and cheese sounds pretty good for dinner tonight.”

They’ll launch lunch soon enough, but for now they’re just focusing on dinner (and mainly in the Loop and on the North Side of town). The menu’s all sustainable and organic and whatnot, so they’re calling it... farm-to-phone (take a moment if you need to).

And on that menu: three daily changing options. Click the one you want and wait a bit, and then someone will ring your doorbell bearing, say, barbecue meatballs.

Definitely up there in terms of things people can bear.

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