Oh Boy

Here Are Some Massive Inflatable Birds

None There are so many reasons why you’d need a massive Pegasus pool float.

For floating on.

For filling with hard candies and making an unbreakable piñata.

For water-bound Greek mythology role-playing.

So many reasons.

And to that delightful end, here’s Funboy, a new line of enormous floating winged creatures to place in your pool and have your awkward way with, available online now.

That should just about cov... oh, right. You have questions.

I sort of blacked out at “enormous floating winged creatures.” What species are we talking about here?
They’ve got black swans, white swans, flamingos and the golden-winged Pegasus.

Pegasus was fathered by Poseidon, god of the sea.
Thanks for that.

Will I be able to stretch my legs on these things?
You will. They’ll accommodate a couple people, actually. That’s because they’re six feet long and about three and a half feet tall.

That’s properly massive.
You didn’t make a false statement just then. Anything else?

Are they going to release a limited-edition gold swan on June 15?
Security, who is this person?

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