Full Plāt

All Your Groceries. Delivered. In an Hour.

None In this age of instant gratification, sometimes it’s good to slow down and do things the old-fashioned way.

Then again, sometimes it’s better to buy wine and snacks right through your phone.

And have someone bring them to you.


Stay seated for Plāt, a local grocery delivery service that’ll bring you whatever your heart desires (grocery-wise) in one hour or less. It just launched for iPhone and is coming soon to Android.

Let’s see, how might this thing come in handy...

Say you’re having a party. In that case, you’ll need some good pinot noir, champagne and a few six-packs. Delivered straight to your door. Easy.

You’re baking a cake, and you forgot to buy eggs. Also: milk, sugar and baking powder. You really messed up there, but it’s okay, because these guys have you covered.

You’re hungry. And you need a week’s worth of groceries, or just a few items to make lunch. Browse through the app and choose from a range of produce, meats, dairy, snacks and more. Soon, you’ll be less hungry.

There’s a $35 minimum, but no delivery fee. So that’s nice. And everything will show up at your door in about an hour.

So make sure you’re home.

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