Let’s Rally

An App for Improving Your Nights Out

None There’s this new iPhone app called Rally that really cares about your nights out. So much so that it helps you plan and then digitally relive all your extracurricular activities.

It works thusly:

—Set your status to green, yellow or red per your desire to really go out, kinda go out or stay home and eat spaghetti on the couch.

—Create a group of friends (they’re called “nests”) that exists for just that night. Message everyone within the group to coordinate plans. Or declare your own evening desires via hashtag. Example: #dinner #greenville #tacostacostacos.

—Say a friend in your group is hanging out elsewhere. You’ll know this because you can see their location on a map. Ask for a report on the fun levels of elsewhere.

—At 6pm, the camera within the app unlocks, so capture some photographic evidence of your night out.

—Enjoy yourself. Then eventually head home, take some Advil, drink plenty of water and go to bed.

—The next morning, you can view your group’s photos to see what shenanigans you got up to. And it’ll even show your whereabouts on a map so you can retrace your steps.

Also helpful if you lost your keys.

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