Wi Fidelity

Sussing Out the Closest Attainable Wi-Fi, Now

None This is not an app that finds you the closest available wi-fi.

This is an email about an app that finds you the closest available wi-fi.

Arm yourself with WifiMapper, a worthy new app that... well, like it says, maps all the world’s best wireless connections for you to tap into, now available for iPhone.

Real scenario: You and your deadline, racing through the streets (meaning, stuck in traffic), hurtling (crawling) past endless blocks of coffee merchants, wondering if they’ve got wi-fi inside. The pressure’s on. When Mr. Sajak requests rewrites, he means yesterday.

Real solution: Open this app. A map will pop up pointing out the best and closest wi-fi hotspots. Click on one nearby and you’ll see a breakdown of its signal strength and accessibility (so, whether it’s free or not) and the location’s vibe—which helps you make an informed choice between latte, beer or library.

So if there’s a beer choice, the decision is made for you.

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