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Very Customizable Bikes by Way of Belgium

“That’s it. I’m packing my sh*t, moving to Belgium and becoming a bike builder.”

You’re always saying that.

Why are you always saying that?

You’re going to kick yourself after you see this...

Broke Bikes: a Belgium-based, new-to-the-US line of fixed-gear bikes that are really beautiful because you made them that way, now available for preorder and shipping in early June.

Pretty nice time of year to hop on a two-wheeled device and wave at people. And there are 14 different ways you can customize these ones. Most of which involve color and various style options.

Let’s start with the things you can’t choose: it will be steel. It will have two wheels. It will be attractive. And... there, that was easy.

As for some of the rest:

Pounds it’ll weigh: 27 to 29

Handlebar styles to choose from: 3

Handlebar styles called the Bullhorn: 1

Gold chains you can add: 1

Color options for the cable housing: 4

Sizes the frame comes in: 4

Colors you can make those frames: 8 (note the frost bordeaux, chrome and matte black)

Teeth on your crankset: 46

Odds you’ll just casually care about bike teeth: 1:5

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